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Insights for Growth #7 – Get the right people doing the right things

February 4, 2013
John Leach


A highly effective team is built when a group of individuals are all playing to their own strengths. All too often the wrong person is doing the right job. In building a team we must strive to place people in the correct position allowing them to do what they do best. When there is a mismatch in a person’s skills and role, under-performance should not come as any surprise. Great care must be taken to ensure we don’t shoehorn people into situations and roles that don’t align with their capability. This will invariably lead to discontent and disconnection with the team’s overall purpose. We should seek alignment between a person’s passion and their ability, and the aims and objectives of the group. Leaders need to understand both an individual and a team mindset. Insight can be gained on individuals by understanding the following:

  • What are their personal and professional ambitions?
  • What do they excel at?
  •  What don’t they do well?
  •  What motivates them?
  •  What turns them off?
  • What are their training and development needs?

Whilst people may be good at specific tasks they may fall short on others; or as the ambitions and aspirations of an organisation grow, those of an individual may change or their own priorities may shift. This can often result in people either outgrowing positions or in ambitious environments, being unable to keep up.– The issue to address then becomes whether to redeploy people or support them in gaining new skills and competencies.
Successful leaders remain connected to the emotional, personal and professional needs of their team. By doing this they become hardwired into individual and team dynamics and are able to judge and decide on what, if any, changes are needed.
Make sure you have the right people doing the right things which will only happen when you stay close to the individuals in your team.

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