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Insights for Growth #8 – High growth entrepreneurs need to be mentally tough

February 12, 2013
John Leach

Running a business, particularly a high growth one, is full of ups and downs. The highs are fantastic and the feeling of jubilation when we move closer to our goals provides us with a clear sense of accomplishment. For our mind it’s a great place to be as we are motivated and energised by this sense of achievement, this creates the impetus and motivation to keep pushing forward. However the journey towards our vision very rarely proceeds along a smooth path. Invariably, obstacles will be thrown in our way which force us to create diversions and look for alternative ways of getting to our destination.


Constantly being forced to explore alternative roads to our desired end point can have a wearing effect on our mindset. Many individuals will ask themselves What’s the point in doing this? Is it really worth it? Most of us at some point in our lives have internally deliberated these issues. Only you can answer these questions, only you can decide whether to keep going or not. At these critical points, it can be easier to give up than to carry on. From my research into success, winners in all walks of life dig deep, maintain focus and continue with their mission; they accept that setbacks are just part of the game plan. The old adage borrowed by Billy Ocean for his famous song- when the going gets tough the tough get going- is one you should reflect on when you experience these feelings. Two vital questions you need to ask yourself if you reach this stage:


  • How much do I want it?
  • Can I cope with more setbacks?


Having mental toughness differentiates winners from losers. Your sense of purpose ebbs away when you listen to negative self-talk and phrases such as Why am I doing this? are symptomatic of the condition, in turn it weakens the endurance of the mind  and spirit thereby resulting in I give up. Successful people I have researched have an insatiable desire and internalised motivation to succeed – you have really got to want it!

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