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What we offer

GrowthAccelerator will help you get to the heart of the barriers that are
holding your business back and work alongside you to identify the critical
steps you need to take to achieve your next phase of growth- rapidly and

GrowthAccelerator can offer support in one of three areas: Access to Finance,
Business Development or Growth through Innovation. In addition you’ll also
have exclusive access of up to £2,000 match funding for every senior
manager for Leadership and Management training.

Access to Finance

Successful businesses may sometimes find further growth hampered
by a lack of funding. They may also be unaware of the full array of
finance options available, from commercial loans to angel investors
and everything in between.

GrowthAccelerator will show you new ways to source and pitch for
investment, helping your business expand, move into new markets
and explore new products and services.


Business Development

Business growth needs a vision- an ability to see where you want to
be and how you're going to get there. Achieving this vision could
involve anything from developing a more effective sales and
marketing strategy to improving your operational performance.

GrowthAccelerator will help you take a step back to see the bigger
picture and develop a growth strategy which exploits opportunities
for greater business success.


Growth through Innovation

Keeping your business fresh and attractive to your marketplace means
investing in innovation – it’s vital to growth. This might be through
developing new products and services, streamlining processes or
branching into new markets.

GrowthAccelerator is where you’ll find the inspiration to innovate,
breaking through your barriers to achieve growth and leap ahead of
the competition.


Leadership and Management

A great leader can make a business thrive. But having a whole team of
great leaders could propel your business into rapid growth.

If investment in your leadership team is crucial to growing your
business, GrowthAccelerator can make a financial contribution that
makes your commitment even more worthwhile – invest in your team
and we will too.



The place, the people and the insight to enhance your business.

Leadership and Managment
Are you eligible?

Are you eligible?

To be eligible for GrowthAccelerator, your business needs to:

  • Are you determined to grow?
  • Registered in the UK & based in England
  • Have fewer than 250 employees
  • Generate less than £40m in turnover per year

How does the Business Growth Service work?

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Success stories

NCI Group

Turnover up from £4.4m to £6.6m in one year

Rosa's Thai Café

Turnover up from £1.4m to £2.8m in one year

Stirling Dynamics

Jobs up from 82 to 164 in one year

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Business Growth Service

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