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Access to Finance

There are many types and sources of finance available, from bank loans to equity investment. You will be helped to identify what type of finance is right for you and how best to secure it.

We have already helped businesses to raise over £100 million in external finance.

We can help you access finance for growth.


Our Access to Finance service helps small and medium sized businesses to access debt, equity and grant finance for growth.

How you can benefit from the Access to Finance service

Our finance experts can help you to:

  • Understand which type of finance is right for you
  • Build a strong business plan and investment pitch
  • Ensure your financial information is credible and robust
  • Pitch to the right type of investors for your business
  • Secure finance that helps you grow your business

In addition, businesses can access Leadership and Management training that will help to reassure lenders and investors of the management team's ability.

How the Access to Finance service works Which types of finance you can access

We will work with you to find the most suitable type of finance for your business and can help you to access finance providers across the entire funding landscape.These include:

  • Crowdfunding platforms
  • Business angels
  • Venture capitalists (VCs)
  • Large investment firms
  • Peer lending platforms
  • Alternative debt providers
  • Banks
  • Many other sources

The finance experts you will work with The masterclasses you can attend

As part of the support we provide, there are three full-day masterclasses that have been designed to help you as you seek investment. Each business can access up to two of these masterclasses, or one masterclass if two delegates want to attend from your business. (Please note, the masterclasses are currently being reviewed and are subject to change)

Understanding Finance
  • Funding basics
  • The UK funding landscape
  • Sources of finance (detailed overview on types of debt, grants and equity finance)
  • The mindset of finance providers
  • Creating an attractive funding proposition
  • Basics of pitching
Preparing for Finance
  • Creating a strong business plan for investors
  • Writing an Executive Summary
  • Basics of valuation
  • Understanding dilution
  • Practice investment pitches – 8 minute pitches with slide deck
  • Detailed investor and peer feedback
Closing the deal: legals and documentation
  • Valuation – methods, issues to be aware of (down rounds)
  • Multiple funding rounds and cap tables
  • The process of closing a deal
  • Term sheets – key terminology
  • Types of due diligence
  • Completion
  • Further funding rounds
  • Exit

Is Access to Finance the right service for your business? What if Access to Finance is not right for your business?

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Turnover up from £4.4m to £6.6m in one year

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Turnover up from £1.4m to £2.8m in one year

Stirling Dynamics

Jobs up from 82 to 164 in one year

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